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Handicraft Antiques specialises in high quality Arts & Crafts Movement and Yorkshire School furniture from about 1900 onwards. Central to our philosophy is to sell furniture and furnishings that exhibit great design, outstanding quality of workmanship, are made with beautiful materials and are functionally useful and useable. Many of our items will be of a similar cost to a modern mass produced equivalent, yet are likely to hold their financial value, or even appreciate over time, whereas inferior mass produced new items are very likely to quickly lose value. Our stock typically reflects some of the best designers and makers of their period including, Ernest Gimson, Peter Waals, Arthur Simpson, Stanley Webb Davies, Gordon Russell, Edward Barnsley, Liberty Ambrose Heal, Betty Joel, Shapland & Petter, Bath Cabinet Makers and numerous other craftsmen from the Cotswold School, but also selected other items by less well known makers that are just beautifully designed and made.

Lakes School

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Cotswold School

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Come and view items at our showroom which is just 10 minutes scenic drive from Juncion 38 of the M6, and is open by appointment. We won't try and hard sell you anything, and its fine to just browse, so if you don't find anything to buy, that's fine. If you do find something you love enough to buy, that's a bonus. The showroom is just 10 miles of beautiful countryside driving off Junction 38 of the M6 and you can park free immediately outside.

Yorkshire School

The Yorkshire School of the Arts & Crafts movement started with Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson's workshop and over the years many of the craftsmen have taken their skills and branched out with a trademark of their own, a fox, a lizard, a fish, a rabbit to name but a few. Typical Yorkshire school items are in English Oak, with traditional pegged joints and adzed surfaces

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