George Reiss (Kendal Artist) Limited Edition Linocut 'Fritillaries'



A limited edition linocut of 'Fritillaries' by george f. reiss mounted with oak frame


Approximate dimensions:
  • hreight 22 cm (8 and three quarters inches)
  • width 17 cm (6 and three quarters inches)
  • frame height 34 cm (1 foot 1 and a half inches)
  • frame width 27 cm (10 and three quarters inches)
If you need a very exact dimension, or one we haven't included, feel free to contact us and we will measure it for you




Signed and numbered

About George F. 'Frank' Reiss

George F. 'Frank' Reiss: A butcher in Kendal marketplace who was a self taught artist who exhibited a the Royal Academy, the Paris Salon and the Royal Scottish Academy


Very good condition. Minor cockling of the paper. If you wish to have further specific photographs or talk to us for a more detailed condition report then please do not hesitate to contact us

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