Rupert Griffiths Arts & Crafts Gothic School English Oak Desk 1980


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An Arts & Crafts Gothic School English Oak Desk by Rupert Griffiths 1980. A lovely and practical desk, which is slim enough to fit into a smaller space, featuring Griffiths’ trademark eyebrow handles, traditional construction and top quality English Oak. Featuring:

  • Very well figured quarter-sawn English Oak (quarter-sawing is a way of sawing oak to produce boards with superior strength which also reveals decorative 'medullary rays' in its grain.)
  • Three graduated drawers on each side (made with single plank fronts solid drawer carcasses joined with hand-cut lap and through dovetails and solid bases)
  • Three upper drawers featuring trademark hidden “eyebrow” handles (made with single plank fronts solid drawer carcasses joined with hand-cut lap and through dovetails and solid bases)
  • Hand turned handles
  • Planked back
  • Rectangular top made out of just two continuous pieces of very well figured quarter-sawn solid timber with penny moulding carving around the edge

Approximate dimensions are:

  • Overall Width 1320mm (4 feet 3 3/4 inches)
  • Overall Depth 510mm (1 foot 8 inches)
  • Base Height 760mm (2 feet 5 3/4 inches)
If you need a very exact dimension, or one we haven't included, feel free to contact us and we will measure it for you.


Branded Nigel Griffith signature

Very good condition with smoothly sliding drawers, tight joints and original finish. Some fading of the top. If you wish to have further specific photographs or talk to us for a more detailed condition report then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rupert Griffiths produced fine handmade oak furniture in Derbyshire since 1946, based on traditional English furniture design and the Arts and Crafts movement. He sold his furniture through top retail stores, including Harrods, until 1968 and after that directly from his workshops. All the furniture is made of solid, thoroughly seasoned oak and using centuries old hand crafting methods, with very distinctive designs and has a strength, style and finish not available in mass produced furniture. His son Nigel continues to run the business

The most British of woods, that can produce really special results. English oak has been used for hundreds of years to construct everything from sea-going vessels to fine furniture. Although oak grows widely across Europe and North America, craftsmen continue to cherish English oak which grows more slowly than its foreign counterparts giving it strength, durability. Quarter sawn boards are very straight grained and have distinctive growth rings and medullary rays that give a very beautiful effect as well as being renowned for their superior stability and strength

From the very earliest days of the Art & Crafts movement John Ruskin and architect Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin promoted the Gothic period as their inspiration. Its designs used traditional techniques and materials, with the craftsman and craftsmanship at the centre of the construction process. The traditional forms allow the makers to showcase their skills as a natural part of construction rather than having to use fancy add ons or flashy finishes

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