Colin 'Beaverman' Almack Colin 'Beaverman' Almack Yorkshire School Solid Oak Gateleg Dining Table



Oval shape with adzed top on chamfered legs


A large impressive dining table made with the usual Yorkshire School [ex-Mouseman] quality of materials and workmanship. Also offers the convenience of dropping the leaves for storage if necessary


Approximate dimensions:
  • height 75 cm (2 feet 5 and a half inches)
  • width 129 cm (4 feet 2 and three quarters inches)
  • depth 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
  • (690 mm (27 inches) across with the leaves down)
If you need a very exact dimension, or one we haven't included, feel free to contact us and we will measure it for you


Trademark beaver to one leg

About Arts & Crafts Yorkshire School

The Yorkshire School of the Arts & Crafts movement started with Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson'såÊ transformation from jobbing carpenter to master craftsmen. By the mid-1920s he had adopted his famous trademark and had his own workshop busily employing several men. The workshop grew and over the years many of the craftsmen have taken their skills and branched out. Most have adopted a trademark of their own, a fox, a lizard, a fish, a rabbit to name but a few, and whilst some have slavishly stuck to the Mouseman designs others have taken the style and adapted it. Other craftsmen, unconnected to the Mouseman workshop, have also chosen the classic Yorkshire Oak style as their own.Typical Yorkshire school items are in English Oak, with traditional pegged joints and adzed surfaces


A lovely clean example. If you wish to have further specific photographs or talk to us for a more detailed condition report then please do not hesitate to contact us

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